A Guide to Wealth and Happiness


An upcoming book collecting and curating his wisdom from Twitter, Podcasts, and Essays over the past decade. The wisdom of Naval Ravikant, created and edited by Eric Jorgenson.

10+ years of Tweets

Selections from Naval’s 17,000+ tweets are perfect summaries of key ideas. This is a book of aphorisms, wrapped in deep dives of those insights.

Podcasts and Essays

Naval creates incredible podcasts and essays. I’ve excerpted and stitched them together into an insight-dense book.

Dozens of Interviews

Interviews are the bulk of the book’s content. The Navalmanack is defined by the warm, casual tone of conversation.


“This isn’t a book, it’s an entirely new type of media”

— An Early Reader


Naval Ravikant

Entrepreneur and Investor. Naval is founder of Angellist, Epinions, and Vast.com He is an Angel investor in Twitter, Uber, Yammer, and 100+ more. Naval has become widely followed for his thoughts on startups, investing, crypto, wealth, and happiness.


Eric Jorgenson

Eric has been curating and publishing as the creator of Evergreen since 2014. He is Director of Growth at Zaarly, a Certified BBQ Judge, and writer.

Chapter List

Building Wealth

Building Judgement

Learning Happiness

Saving Yourself

How to Live

Naval’s Recommended Reading